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Shuffle "trick" shuffle


1. Hand the cards left, pay attention to the cards slightly tilted about 45 degrees. 2. Right thumb and ring finger hold the cards, index finger placed on the top of the cards, and then pick up the following part of the cards. 3. Place the cards picked up by the right hand in front of the left hand cards, and press the back of the right hand with the left thumb. 4. Take the cards of the right hand up, so, take the cards of the right hand. The card pressed by the left thumb will leave one or two upper left hand cards.


Shuffle up and down

Staggered shuffle (the most common shuffle way):

1. Stretch the left hand flat, then put the back of the card flat on the front of the left hand. Put the right thumb on the left end of the card, the index finger on the back of the card, and the other three fingers on the right end of the card hold the whole deck. The right thumb separates the cards at about half of the deck, and the other three fingers loosen the lower part, so that the left hand and the left hand get the general cards. Hold the cards in the same position as the right hand. Place the palm of your arm on the table and keep the distance that can be lapped on the front of the right hand. 3. Interlace the left and right hand cards. 4. Push the two parts of the cards in the middle after all the cards fall. 5. Repeat the above process many times.

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Xiaobian wants to introduce you to a very interesting poker game, that is, Sanming Points. This is a more popular poker game in Fujian area, in the process of the game players need to constantly grasp points, grasp the higher score is the winner of the game naturally. Then, in the process of the game, we should pay attention to which three. What are the skills of marking? Next let's continue.
In short, the most important trick is cooperation. You know, after all, a person's strength is limited, if you do not understand the cooperation between players, it is very difficult to get high marks. This also tests the tacit understanding between players. Of course, tacit understanding is not a day or two to cultivate, if not say no. If you know how to cooperate, it's hard to win cards.
Here, Xiaobian's suggestion is to test the opponent's cards by signaling. If the opponent can directly reply to your signal, it proves that the opponent understands what you are playing. In this way, we can roughly know the opponent's trick level and cards. Na, for. The next game has laid a good foundation.
Nevertheless, Xiaobian should remind you not to be anxious, even if you can't understand your signal card to the home. At this time, we must maintain a good attitude, do not take the winning or losing too seriously. If you focus on winning and complaining about the home, it can often lead to adverse effects, which is for us. It is really very bad.
Of course, there are still a lot of tricks in the three-mark allocation and combination. What Xiaobian said today is only one part of the trick. If you want to cooperate more tacitly, then you still need to observe more and negotiate more. Only by knowing one's own self and the other, can we win more easily. If you still have tricks for the three-mark. If you have any questions, you can also find the answer in the game page. Finally, I wish you all can become a master of the game.
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Playing cards is one of the pastime activities that people spend time in everyday life. Now, there are 54 playing cards, which are made up of spades, red peaches, square, plum, and size kings. The sources of poker have always been different. There are all the earliest origins of poker in Egypt, India, and Billy. But in the theory of the origin of poker, two views have been affirmed by historians.
At first, poker is a tool used for divination. In poker cards, four colors, except for the size king, are different. "Spades" resembles olive leaves, symbolizing peace and peace. "Red peach" is like a red heart, symbolizing love and wisdom "plum blossom" like four leaf grass, thus implying happiness; "square" has a corner symbolizing gemstones, meaning wealth. Later, this way of divination evolved into entertainment.
Another view is that poker games are evolved by astronomical chronograph. The size kings in the cards represent the sun and the moon, and the other 52 cards represent 52 weeks in one year, respectively, in the spring, summer, autumn and winter with 4 kinds of spades, red peaches, plum blossoms and squares. Each color is 13, respectively, for a quarter. In the 13 week, the number of points added is the number of days in the first quarter.
In the Qin and Han Dynasties, there was a popular "leaf card" game, which historians thought was the embryonic form of poker. Around the 13th century, card games were introduced into Europe. In the 16th century, the "winning card" game was very popular in the West. It was not until the 19th century that modern poker began to take shape.
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The chess game can make money can become people life in seasoning, chess game charm. Poker development so far, have not been eliminated, but now more development prospects. In the gambling game information website experts point of view, you can make money chess game occupies a space for one person in a considerable part of the game player's life every day, they will go to the casino games, or play with the computer network chess game, it has become a habit. This day appears repeatedly, but this kind of life, how many people are willing to leave? It is the same every form of life, but it is already a kind of entertainment can not or missing. But one day to miss the game, will have a sense of loss.


Many game player often lamented how to live in the absence of chess game day, everyone has fun playing cards and identity habits, chess game for pleasure, something which cannot be replaced. Game player when playing the game, will have a lot of emotions, or joy, or regret, each game game player are very serious in all, the attitude towards life seems to use, perhaps this is the game of chess game player can attract the charm of it.


For the world's chess game enthusiasts, chess game has become a part of life, is the real way of winning Many a little make a mickle.. Rely on the reasonable rules, rational grasp of your mind, let your heart instead of being controlled by greed. This is what we need to do, if you can not do if so, or don't in this industry.

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1, theory, technology
Unlimited Dezhou poker strategy is very important, location, at the bottom of the pool, the odds, hands should be considered. Several classic popular Online Poker Texas infinite note books or seriously look at it a few times. If you only know the rules, feel and enthusiasm to participate in hundreds of people fighting, you are dead ugly. You meet online tournament basically is not familiar with the contestants, for you to observe and record the opponent has little experience, if you can not exceed the level of ordinary player level, it is in strict accordance with the tight hand style selection of good hands and go to the game, you know "is not only wise to give up also need great courage."
2: patience
Over a hundred people in the MTT online game full time generally are not less than 3-4 hours later, rising to the pressure brought by the blind player, a discard, a good hands brand with you after it encountered ALL-IN, others a blind robbed, built up huge pools............ all the force you, tempting you and others desperately. But you really need to "understand", you need patience and strong. Keep in mind that "infinite Texas Championship MTT is not only a brave struggle, lucky wisdom, is a" left for the king of the battlefield".
Three Observation, analysis and courage
A few hours of the game you have to force yourself to observe, try to figure out your opponent. When you enter a game to quickly by you and the other player's "action" with hands and face cards in the hand determine your position, know what time how to set different opponents in wells, steal color Pool whether by. (I always believe intuition intuition) at the crucial moment to take or give up the pot.
Of course, you also need to have the courage, if you do not have the courage, you want to get the MTT championship is too difficult, you will face the choice at any time, you avoid blindly, your chips will soon be another opponent and blind drain.
Four luck
Although the most important game, but luck is not less, sometimes you can hit the right, is lost.
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Learn these 4 kinds of chess game playing, the new year play cards will not lose!
With the rapid development of network technology, intelligent mobile phone penetration rate increased, a previously overlooked profiteering industry gradually surfaced online chess game. It broke the restrictions on the distance between the game player, will the traditional line into the line of the real model room card mode, game player can invite friends to play cards group whenever and wherever possible.
The traditional game is to rely on money to get the feeling of satisfaction and achievement after the reform of the online chess game is the game to gain a sense of accomplishment and pride, change the game mode brings new gaming experience and fun for people, how to win every competition become the most concern for the majority of game player. Each color entertainment today is to teach you how to how to improve poker skills.
1. The general probability of knowing the game of Poker
Math skills are the most basic knowledge, a solid poker game player should know the general probability of the game, understand the importance of events. Out just increase the number of cards in your hand. Calculate your way out of them and then multiplied by 2, plus 1, which is roughly you hit percentage. Good game player can calculate the exit probability. Will blow out into a rational calculation, betting. Once you have calculated out the probability, You'll see. oneself how to play.,
Two. Improve our ability with limited and disciplined
Good poker game player needs. A winning game player and the general difference is that most people rely on luck, but the technology on the winning game player. Good poker game player will know that different games require different training. They will be limited and discipline to improve their ability. For example, a Dezhou poker game player trained with regularity limit before the flop have strong skills. Because the focus, not too much action, he can play a better brand.
A disciplined player knows when to play and when to quit. He realizes when he is in a tilt and realizes when to play too much and not to quit when he is forward.
A disciplined player knows he is not perfect. When a disciplined player makes a mistake, he learns. He doesn't blame others. He doesn't cry. He learns from mistakes and moves on.
Three. Learn psychology well and think about the problem from the point of view of your opponent.
A professional poker player is not self centred. Before it starts playing, it always tries to think about the opponent's thoughts, understand their decisions and decide why. Poker players always try to answer these questions.
1. what does my opponent have?
2. what does my opponent think I have?
3. what does my opponent think I think he has?
Understanding the answers to these questions is the first step to control the answer is second, is a more important step. If you have a king, your opponent has a pair of ace. If you know what they have, and you know what they have, so why should play a poker expert poker game? By slow, fast and bluff way to manipulate the problem of No. 2 and No. 3 answer, in order to throw opponents.
Good poker players know that in the unrestricted game, psychology is more important than extreme games. Restricting games often become mathematical warfare, while unrestricted games have strong psychological components. Therefore, poker games are more important in unrestricted games.
Four. Understanding risk and reward
Bottom pool odds and requirements advantage belongs to this category. If the return is high enough, willing to bear the long-term risk of poker game player, but only when the expected return is higher than the risk. More importantly, they understand the nature of risk and return the poker room outside. They know they need to save money, and how much money pay for other expenses in life.
Good poker game player know online poker game than table poker is more risky. When you play in a single game, you must be on the table to split every chip. If you buy at a price of $10, you have a 48% chance to calculate the loss of $10, you we must consciously put the 52% chance to double to $20. At the same time, you should be on your overall financial risk aversion, so that every time you bet won't affect your daily consumption, good financial planning, small bet, bet your.
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On the German history has been controversial. Its name comes from the French poque and poker, the French word originates from German pochen. Its gameplay is like a game of cards in the Persian As-Nas, new immigrants, in the Middle East to teach the local seaman French settlers.
According to the test of modern Dezhou poker appeared in 1829 in the state of New Orleans, this game is a popular pastime at the time, but at that time only 20 cards. With it all the way to the Mississippi River spread, with a gold rush spread to the west, we have already started the game with 52 cards, and then become a a modern way of life. Soon after the American Civil War is on poker fueled.
After the civil war, the United States has become the most popular poker card game, but the gameplay and now there are still some different. Around 1920, Morandi Forbes called a gambler in Texas to develop a modern Dezhou poker rules, and to Dallas city road from the town of Luo booth spread from the miners, cowboys and gamblers over Texas spread.
The popularity of poker terms
At the beginning of twentieth Century, many appear in the poker table term became popular in life, and become a part of the English and American culture. For example, ace in the hole (hand A, ace up, described the secret weapon) one 's sleeve (hidden in his sleeve A, describe the fraud, in order to win blue (chip), use unscrupulous divisive tactics blue chip, the most expensive chips, as the highest value) one' call, s bluff, poker face (catch bluff) (not shown in the inner emotional face cards)...... these words appear in our daily conversation, even not notice them from the table.
But these are not enough for the people of the United States to become Germany on the game. In 1967, several Dezhou poker players to the game from Texas to Las Vegas, Las Vegas, in more than half a century later, again and again to enjoy the great progress of science and technology for the bonus game, a game show will be kicked off.
WSOP and TV broadcast
Beginning in 1970, Las Vegas held the first world series of Poker (World Series of Poker), not only won a champion WSOP gold bracelet, take a huge pool, more will be considered to be the World Poker Championship. In 70s coincided with the newspaper, radio and television Yiqijuechen, far behind, as America's main news source in the 70-80,. CBS and ESPN have started to broadcast the main event of WSOP. But when the event broadcast only provide information atmosphere and public signs, unless active showdown or all-in game player cannot know the audience, playing cards, leads to the broadcast ornamental is not high.
This situation has changed, a British company completely transformed the traditional card table in 90s, in the hand below the placement of special camera, the audience can have the perspective of God to know the game player hand information. This method greatly helps the audience to understand the details of the war game, and enhance a sense to understand the thinking process of this system in the game player. Finally in 2002 WSOP broadcast by, and set off a great disturbance in the game on 2003.
Chris Monkeymaker effect
2003, a little-known Tennessee accountant Chris Monkeymaker (yes, this is his real name) came to Las Vegas WSOP game. Even if there is no game experience, he spent 39 dollars to buy a satellite tournament tickets. Unexpectedly in number of matches in a path through the sidelines, eventually even won the main qualification. At that time, his goal is to win a side tournament fourth $8000 small prize pool, to his son just born family earn a little subsidies. At the end who also did not expect that, under the national television, he won the game, get $two million and five hundred thousand in return.
WSOP was launched 30 years ago, the main event enrollment is increasing slowly, never more than 500 people, and in the Chris win the game after three years, this figure into the sky, 2006 quickly increased to 8773 people. This year is also the watershed in the poker world - after that, all levels of the game more and more high, winning the jackpot is more difficult to maintain high level has become increasingly difficult.
Poker and the Internet
The United States in 1998 the first online poker platform Poker Planet established, despite slow network connections, the server Carlton, in one year Poker Planet won nearly 1 billion dollars in revenue. All this makes the booming Internet practitioners especially, many online poker platform are built.
Three of the most famous online poker platform Party Poker, PokerStars Paradise, Poker was established in 2001. Although the time we still use dial-up Internet access, but their gaming platform is well designed, well connected, feature rich, and provide a variety of special services. Such as PokerStars and WSOP are known for their cooperation, above Chris Monkeymaker PokerStars is mentioned in the online game to win tickets to WSOP.
2003 after 3 years, the United States online game player on the number of the rapid rise of Germany, according to statistics, the highest when the United States has more than 50 million game player, the total population of nearly 1/5, which means that every two adult men have one person online poker. Only love and acquaintances Online game player card number is difficult to measure.
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"The license and causality
Review of "the divine Luke identity of Christ
Why is Canon card games necessary?
Canon atheist?
In a recent blog, "historical atheists" (as opposed to memes) stressed why I felt the need to develop a collection of books: Card Games: there were many misconceptions and misinformation about the subject. In one semester teaching Bible challenge is when and how to cover the biblical canon formation related materials. There is a long history that has led to the collection of works to the editor, which we refer to as a misleading and bizarre bible". Many students are unaware of the differences between the past and the present of Judaism and Christian Classics before they attend the course, nor do they know where their Bible content tables come from. And many others read or see Da Vince code - its popularity is expected to weaken, but its influence continues to feel, as the British charity store calls, asking people not to donate any copies of the book. Despite Dan Brown's claim, the Constantine emperor did not define Canon at all, and fewer pipes, some people think - - "you have too much Gospel - pick your favorite four."". But it should be in the Semester - - Taking the boring students, the books involved, and many of them never even read it, yet the events begin to resolve these misconceptions Or should we leave it until the end of the semester (such as Bart Ehrman of the textbook will encourage a better history) - making meaning, but the mean term spent on working alone without solving some assumptions about the collection as a whole, may interfere with their part of learning.
The truth is, classics go through a process, a convergence of consensus and competition. Because it is a method of academic standards, with a complex problem in modeling, strive to simplify, without losing the accuracy and try to understand and / or teach, seek to replicate this point, through the game mechanism seems to be worth pursuing. I'm happy that the result is an interesting game - more interesting than the history of Canon's debate, but now, at least, the process can be more interesting than ever!
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