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01/03/2018 08:10
On the German history has been controversial. Its name comes from the French poque and poker, the French word originates from German pochen. Its gameplay is like a game of cards in the Persian As-Nas, new immigrants, in the Middle East to teach the local seaman French settlers.
According to the test of modern Dezhou poker appeared in 1829 in the state of New Orleans, this game is a popular pastime at the time, but at that time only 20 cards. With it all the way to the Mississippi River spread, with a gold rush spread to the west, we have already started the game with 52 cards, and then become a a modern way of life. Soon after the American Civil War is on poker fueled.
After the civil war, the United States has become the most popular poker card game, but the gameplay and now there are still some different. Around 1920, Morandi Forbes called a gambler in Texas to develop a modern Dezhou poker rules, and to Dallas city road from the town of Luo booth spread from the miners, cowboys and gamblers over Texas spread.
The popularity of poker terms
At the beginning of twentieth Century, many appear in the poker table term became popular in life, and become a part of the English and American culture. For example, ace in the hole (hand A, ace up, described the secret weapon) one 's sleeve (hidden in his sleeve A, describe the fraud, in order to win blue (chip), use unscrupulous divisive tactics blue chip, the most expensive chips, as the highest value) one' call, s bluff, poker face (catch bluff) (not shown in the inner emotional face cards)...... these words appear in our daily conversation, even not notice them from the table.
But these are not enough for the people of the United States to become Germany on the game. In 1967, several Dezhou poker players to the game from Texas to Las Vegas, Las Vegas, in more than half a century later, again and again to enjoy the great progress of science and technology for the bonus game, a game show will be kicked off.
WSOP and TV broadcast
Beginning in 1970, Las Vegas held the first world series of Poker (World Series of Poker), not only won a champion WSOP gold bracelet, take a huge pool, more will be considered to be the World Poker Championship. In 70s coincided with the newspaper, radio and television Yiqijuechen, far behind, as America's main news source in the 70-80,. CBS and ESPN have started to broadcast the main event of WSOP. But when the event broadcast only provide information atmosphere and public signs, unless active showdown or all-in game player cannot know the audience, playing cards, leads to the broadcast ornamental is not high.
This situation has changed, a British company completely transformed the traditional card table in 90s, in the hand below the placement of special camera, the audience can have the perspective of God to know the game player hand information. This method greatly helps the audience to understand the details of the war game, and enhance a sense to understand the thinking process of this system in the game player. Finally in 2002 WSOP broadcast by, and set off a great disturbance in the game on 2003.
Chris Monkeymaker effect
2003, a little-known Tennessee accountant Chris Monkeymaker (yes, this is his real name) came to Las Vegas WSOP game. Even if there is no game experience, he spent 39 dollars to buy a satellite tournament tickets. Unexpectedly in number of matches in a path through the sidelines, eventually even won the main qualification. At that time, his goal is to win a side tournament fourth $8000 small prize pool, to his son just born family earn a little subsidies. At the end who also did not expect that, under the national television, he won the game, get $two million and five hundred thousand in return.
WSOP was launched 30 years ago, the main event enrollment is increasing slowly, never more than 500 people, and in the Chris win the game after three years, this figure into the sky, 2006 quickly increased to 8773 people. This year is also the watershed in the poker world - after that, all levels of the game more and more high, winning the jackpot is more difficult to maintain high level has become increasingly difficult.
Poker and the Internet
The United States in 1998 the first online poker platform Poker Planet established, despite slow network connections, the server Carlton, in one year Poker Planet won nearly 1 billion dollars in revenue. All this makes the booming Internet practitioners especially, many online poker platform are built.
Three of the most famous online poker platform Party Poker, PokerStars Paradise, Poker was established in 2001. Although the time we still use dial-up Internet access, but their gaming platform is well designed, well connected, feature rich, and provide a variety of special services. Such as PokerStars and WSOP are known for their cooperation, above Chris Monkeymaker PokerStars is mentioned in the online game to win tickets to WSOP.
2003 after 3 years, the United States online game player on the number of the rapid rise of Germany, according to statistics, the highest when the United States has more than 50 million game player, the total population of nearly 1/5, which means that every two adult men have one person online poker. Only love and acquaintances Online game player card number is difficult to measure.