Staggered shuffle

11/08/2018 17:49

Shuffle "trick" shuffle


1. Hand the cards left, pay attention to the cards slightly tilted about 45 degrees. 2. Right thumb and ring finger hold the cards, index finger placed on the top of the cards, and then pick up the following part of the cards. 3. Place the cards picked up by the right hand in front of the left hand cards, and press the back of the right hand with the left thumb. 4. Take the cards of the right hand up, so, take the cards of the right hand. The card pressed by the left thumb will leave one or two upper left hand cards.


Shuffle up and down

Staggered shuffle (the most common shuffle way):

1. Stretch the left hand flat, then put the back of the card flat on the front of the left hand. Put the right thumb on the left end of the card, the index finger on the back of the card, and the other three fingers on the right end of the card hold the whole deck. The right thumb separates the cards at about half of the deck, and the other three fingers loosen the lower part, so that the left hand and the left hand get the general cards. Hold the cards in the same position as the right hand. Place the palm of your arm on the table and keep the distance that can be lapped on the front of the right hand. 3. Interlace the left and right hand cards. 4. Push the two parts of the cards in the middle after all the cards fall. 5. Repeat the above process many times.