signal card

10/03/2018 17:09
Xiaobian wants to introduce you to a very interesting poker game, that is, Sanming Points. This is a more popular poker game in Fujian area, in the process of the game players need to constantly grasp points, grasp the higher score is the winner of the game naturally. Then, in the process of the game, we should pay attention to which three. What are the skills of marking? Next let's continue.
In short, the most important trick is cooperation. You know, after all, a person's strength is limited, if you do not understand the cooperation between players, it is very difficult to get high marks. This also tests the tacit understanding between players. Of course, tacit understanding is not a day or two to cultivate, if not say no. If you know how to cooperate, it's hard to win cards.
Here, Xiaobian's suggestion is to test the opponent's cards by signaling. If the opponent can directly reply to your signal, it proves that the opponent understands what you are playing. In this way, we can roughly know the opponent's trick level and cards. Na, for. The next game has laid a good foundation.
Nevertheless, Xiaobian should remind you not to be anxious, even if you can't understand your signal card to the home. At this time, we must maintain a good attitude, do not take the winning or losing too seriously. If you focus on winning and complaining about the home, it can often lead to adverse effects, which is for us. It is really very bad.
Of course, there are still a lot of tricks in the three-mark allocation and combination. What Xiaobian said today is only one part of the trick. If you want to cooperate more tacitly, then you still need to observe more and negotiate more. Only by knowing one's own self and the other, can we win more easily. If you still have tricks for the three-mark. If you have any questions, you can also find the answer in the game page. Finally, I wish you all can become a master of the game.