4 kinds of chess game

01/09/2018 15:59
Learn these 4 kinds of chess game playing, the new year play cards will not lose!
With the rapid development of network technology, intelligent mobile phone penetration rate increased, a previously overlooked profiteering industry gradually surfaced online chess game. It broke the restrictions on the distance between the game player, will the traditional line into the line of the real model room card mode, game player can invite friends to play cards group whenever and wherever possible.
The traditional game is to rely on money to get the feeling of satisfaction and achievement after the reform of the online chess game is the game to gain a sense of accomplishment and pride, change the game mode brings new gaming experience and fun for people, how to win every competition become the most concern for the majority of game player. Each color entertainment today is to teach you how to how to improve poker skills.
1. The general probability of knowing the game of Poker
Math skills are the most basic knowledge, a solid poker game player should know the general probability of the game, understand the importance of events. Out just increase the number of cards in your hand. Calculate your way out of them and then multiplied by 2, plus 1, which is roughly you hit percentage. Good game player can calculate the exit probability. Will blow out into a rational calculation, betting. Once you have calculated out the probability, You'll see. oneself how to play.,
Two. Improve our ability with limited and disciplined
Good poker game player needs. A winning game player and the general difference is that most people rely on luck, but the technology on the winning game player. Good poker game player will know that different games require different training. They will be limited and discipline to improve their ability. For example, a Dezhou poker game player trained with regularity limit before the flop have strong skills. Because the focus, not too much action, he can play a better brand.
A disciplined player knows when to play and when to quit. He realizes when he is in a tilt and realizes when to play too much and not to quit when he is forward.
A disciplined player knows he is not perfect. When a disciplined player makes a mistake, he learns. He doesn't blame others. He doesn't cry. He learns from mistakes and moves on.
Three. Learn psychology well and think about the problem from the point of view of your opponent.
A professional poker player is not self centred. Before it starts playing, it always tries to think about the opponent's thoughts, understand their decisions and decide why. Poker players always try to answer these questions.
1. what does my opponent have?
2. what does my opponent think I have?
3. what does my opponent think I think he has?
Understanding the answers to these questions is the first step to control the answer is second, is a more important step. If you have a king, your opponent has a pair of ace. If you know what they have, and you know what they have, so why should play a poker expert poker game? By slow, fast and bluff way to manipulate the problem of No. 2 and No. 3 answer, in order to throw opponents.
Good poker players know that in the unrestricted game, psychology is more important than extreme games. Restricting games often become mathematical warfare, while unrestricted games have strong psychological components. Therefore, poker games are more important in unrestricted games.
Four. Understanding risk and reward
Bottom pool odds and requirements advantage belongs to this category. If the return is high enough, willing to bear the long-term risk of poker game player, but only when the expected return is higher than the risk. More importantly, they understand the nature of risk and return the poker room outside. They know they need to save money, and how much money pay for other expenses in life.
Good poker game player know online poker game than table poker is more risky. When you play in a single game, you must be on the table to split every chip. If you buy at a price of $10, you have a 48% chance to calculate the loss of $10, you we must consciously put the 52% chance to double to $20. At the same time, you should be on your overall financial risk aversion, so that every time you bet won't affect your daily consumption, good financial planning, small bet, bet your.