Unlimited Dezhou poker

01/20/2018 17:08
1, theory, technology
Unlimited Dezhou poker strategy is very important, location, at the bottom of the pool, the odds, hands should be considered. Several classic popular Online Poker Texas infinite note books or seriously look at it a few times. If you only know the rules, feel and enthusiasm to participate in hundreds of people fighting, you are dead ugly. You meet online tournament basically is not familiar with the contestants, for you to observe and record the opponent has little experience, if you can not exceed the level of ordinary player level, it is in strict accordance with the tight hand style selection of good hands and go to the game, you know "is not only wise to give up also need great courage."
2: patience
Over a hundred people in the MTT online game full time generally are not less than 3-4 hours later, rising to the pressure brought by the blind player, a discard, a good hands brand with you after it encountered ALL-IN, others a blind robbed, built up huge pools............ all the force you, tempting you and others desperately. But you really need to "understand", you need patience and strong. Keep in mind that "infinite Texas Championship MTT is not only a brave struggle, lucky wisdom, is a" left for the king of the battlefield".
Three Observation, analysis and courage
A few hours of the game you have to force yourself to observe, try to figure out your opponent. When you enter a game to quickly by you and the other player's "action" with hands and face cards in the hand determine your position, know what time how to set different opponents in wells, steal color Pool whether by. (I always believe intuition intuition) at the crucial moment to take or give up the pot.
Of course, you also need to have the courage, if you do not have the courage, you want to get the MTT championship is too difficult, you will face the choice at any time, you avoid blindly, your chips will soon be another opponent and blind drain.
Four luck
Although the most important game, but luck is not less, sometimes you can hit the right, is lost.