Why Canon the Card Game is Necessary

05/25/2017 02:34
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Why is Canon card games necessary?
Canon atheist?
In a recent blog, "historical atheists" (as opposed to memes) stressed why I felt the need to develop a collection of books: Card Games: there were many misconceptions and misinformation about the subject. In one semester teaching Bible challenge is when and how to cover the biblical canon formation related materials. There is a long history that has led to the collection of works to the editor, which we refer to as a misleading and bizarre bible". Many students are unaware of the differences between the past and the present of Judaism and Christian Classics before they attend the course, nor do they know where their Bible content tables come from. And many others read or see Da Vince code - its popularity is expected to weaken, but its influence continues to feel, as the British charity store calls, asking people not to donate any copies of the book. Despite Dan Brown's claim, the Constantine emperor did not define Canon at all, and fewer pipes, some people think - - "you have too much Gospel - pick your favorite four."". But it should be in the Semester - - Taking the boring students, the books involved, and many of them never even read it, yet the events begin to resolve these misconceptions Or should we leave it until the end of the semester (such as Bart Ehrman of the textbook will encourage a better history) - making meaning, but the mean term spent on working alone without solving some assumptions about the collection as a whole, may interfere with their part of learning.
The truth is, classics go through a process, a convergence of consensus and competition. Because it is a method of academic standards, with a complex problem in modeling, strive to simplify, without losing the accuracy and try to understand and / or teach, seek to replicate this point, through the game mechanism seems to be worth pursuing. I'm happy that the result is an interesting game - more interesting than the history of Canon's debate, but now, at least, the process can be more interesting than ever!