Fun card entertainment checkpoints

10/28/2015 13:30
Unknowingly end of the summer, the children's performance unexpectedly, Live to old to learn elderly card pool  while guards really able to save the eldest son of tuition and textbooks. I also keep its promise to pay to send a small son to kindergarten. Just before the start, buy a Pervez special transparent plastic paper playing cards, the child of a textbook,  Waste becomes art four-color cards  a carefully wrapped. 
He did not say anything, to pack a good textbook in your hand, could not bear to put down. It's no wonder,  Playing cards make learning a distraction on a three-year school, this is his first time to have their own textbooks.
The next day onwards, every morning I stood in the kitchen at home, watching the two brothers hand in hand through the window, playing cards carrying a bag to go to school, that picture is really touching.  Desktop card games two ports I can not change a big problem in Cameroon, but each send one child to school, this country more than a little hope.
Not the old section to create not old park card exhibition, invited the elders heritage skills, show life aids, not the old clinic counseling, aging experience and fun checkpoints, yesterday invited origami Daren teach do card glove box, coincides with community care care stronghold for 10 years, also organized exhibition of achievements,  Unique card sets for individual learning let the elderly show cooking.